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Post articles as a guest to generate backlinks

April 12, 2021

work table to start writingWriting content that is both interesting and informative for users can be challenging. If we have a service to write quality publications, we can go to blogs that allow to include articles as guests or publications to improve the positioning in search engines.

Guest posting can be a great way to gain recognition, build branding, and get relevant links to your website. Depending on our niche, the blogs and websites that accept these types of posts will help us connect with influencers, such as bloggers, industry experts, programmers, writers or journalists.

Many SEO experts believe that guest posts should not be viewed solely as an opportunity to get links. If we write guest posts for the sole purpose of generating backlinks, the quality of the content can be compromised.

Better to focus on promoting the brand and letting some links flow naturally. Guest posts are not only a way to share our experience with other users, but also a way to develop an online presence.

Posting articles on other blogs and websites can help us strengthen our brand and get free publicity. First, we will research and create a database of sites that allow guest posting. You have to find websites in the same niche as ours. If your search is for specific keywords, you should ideally find blogs that score highly for those keywords and allow posting.

Find websites where to submit an article as a guest

Finding sites that we can post to is relatively easy. A simple search through Google including keywords like; guest post, submit a guest post or guest blogging, will provide us in the search results pages that accept posts. It is very important that the aforementioned sites have high authority and that they position themselves in the top positions of Google. Tools such as Moz, the Alexa bar or Majestic, will provide us with data on the authority of the pages.

It is necessary to start, thinking, reflecting and exchanging ideas that can be written about. Make a list of topics, and later we will contact other webmasters. Check if they have established guidelines and standards on their websites. It is important to treat each post, as if we were writing for our own site.

Research the blog where the article will be published using a similar style. When contacting other webmasters, it is important to tell them that the article in question is unique and original and will not be published anywhere else. Sending duplicate content can lead to the rejection of the publication, it is also a fact that is heavily penalized by different search engines such as Google or Bing.

As we write each post, include one or two links to our website or blog, whenever possible in the first paragraph of the article. Include these links as anchor text, using the keywords we want to target. It is important not to overdo the introduction of keywords to avoid falling spam, entering a percentage above 1%. At the end of the article, it is important to add a short line to explain who we are and our relationship on the specific subject, adding a link to our website. It is important that the length of the post has a quantity of at least 500 words. Having a word counter is essential for this section.

Interesting content is widely shared by millions of people around the world. If we want to become an authority in our niche, posting articles on popular sites is the best way to build our reputation online. Blogs and websites that accept guest articles provide us with quality backlinks, which are valuable in SEO.

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