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Free meta tag generator tool for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, makes it easy for search engines to find information about our website. Therefore, the inclusion within our website of meta tags is extremely important. Here we list the most important and recommended ones to use:

Language: introduce the specific value for English en.

Description: enter a description of our website, which does not exceed 160 characters.

Keywords: create a combination (about 5) of two- or three-word sentences, separating them by commas. Although Google ignores them, it's a good idea to include them for other search engines.

Check every x days: indicate the frequency modifications to the particular url.

Robots: we can instruct robots to index our page, not index it, or add the nofollow attribute.

When creating meta tags we will include at least the Language, keywords and Description fields, although it is advisable to create all of them, we will help search engines to give them more information about the url in concrete.

Very important is the generation of different tags for particular page. That is, if our website consists of 50 files, you have to enter different page titles and meta tags. It is of no use to put the same tags on all the pages of our website. It's an important effort, but tremendously useful.

Once the meta tags are generated, they must be included within tags.

This option is very useful if we have a website created by ourselves. If we are using for example wordpress, there are different plugins to implement such as WordPress SEO by Yoast or SEO Ultimate.

Create meta tags

Codes: Spanish es / English en

*Description (recommended maximum 160 characters)

*Keywords (separate by commas)

Check every x days



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